The Gospel of Jesus Christ is meant to be given away.

Missions is about God’s people, the Church, giving away the Good News to people who need to hear the message and see it lived out in action.  We strive to accomplish this by sending people out from Community Church to our local neighborhoods as well as across the oceans.  We also join with others in strategic partnerships to do what Jesus called his followers to do in making disciples.



Doug and Bernie Campbell joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 2010 and are serving in Human Resources doing Partnership Development Coaching. Partnership Development (PD) Coaches are critical to the Bible translation task. PD coaches supervise and train new members as they raise their prayer and financial partnership teams, meeting with them weekly to pray, encourage, and guide them during their first assignment – Partnership Development. They also assist existing members in maintaining their prayer and financial partnership teams which is vital to the continuation of translation for the Bibleless.














Missions Prayer Calendars

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Partners in Mission

Career Missions

Short-term Missions

We do receive many requests for support and ability and calling to support is dependent upoon a number of factors.  To get the process started, please download and print off the “Missions Application.”