The Gospel of Jesus Christ is meant to be given away.

Missions is about God’s people, the Church, giving away the Good News to people who need to hear the message and see it lived out in action.  We strive to accomplish this by sending people out from Community Church to our local neighborhoods as well as across the oceans.  We also join with others in strategic partnerships to do what Jesus called his followers to do in making disciples.



Harry and Jenny van Burik

The mission of Cherith International is to encourage and support pastors in rural areas and to show the love of Jesus to those in need in tangible ways.

The work of Cherith in Sri Lanka is carried out by five pastors & spouses who are serving in remote, challenging and strict Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim communities in various parts of the country.  Cherith’s programs enable the pastors to follow the Gospel’s teaching to care for all who are in need, even those who do not know Jesus.  This creates opportunities to build credible relationships and show the love of Jesus in nonthreatening ways through care, education and friendship.

Cherith’s ministry has expanded to the USA in recent years.  Since 2015, we have been serving those who are struggling in various ways in the Oshkosh area through the Cherith Clothing & Resource Center.  The Center provides free clothing and essential household items to families and individuals experiencing difficulties.  Those we serve are referred to us through Winnebago County institutions, Oshkosh school district counselors, World Relief, churches and other social service organizations.







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We do receive many requests for support and ability and calling to support is dependent upoon a number of factors.  To get the process started, please download and print off the “Missions Application.”