Career Missions

The individuals and families listed below have made a long term commitment to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in places as close as the university campus and as far as the other side of the globe.  Please pray for them!
*Community Church also supports a number of other missionaries that are intentionally not listed below due to security concerns for them. Keep them all in your prayers as well.

Kyle and Carolyn Coleman, CRU, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay
Marenrri Duboy, Iglesia Evangelica Hispanoamericana, Appleton, Wisconsin
Carol Fourman, Ministry to the Deaf, Converge Great Lakes, Wausau, Wisconsin
Steve and Lynne Johnson, 2xGlobal, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Glenn and Sue Herschberger, Converge Worldwide, Orlando, Florida
Bob and Carol Marsh, Converge International Fellowship, Darmstadt, Germany
Luis and Elizabeth Pomares, CRU, Puebla, Mexico
Sandhya Oaks (Formerly known as Jen Schad), CRU, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Harry and Jenny van Burik, Cherith International, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Doug and Bernadette Campbell, Wycliffe USA Mobilization

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