News & Notes

Lord's Prayer Cards

For the past few of weeks our sermons have focused on the Lord’s Prayer. As a companion to the messages we’ve had cards available for you to use to interact with the prayer. If you have the one you took home with you – be sure you bring it back with you THIS SUNDAY. We will continue to use them as a part of the sermon. If you don’t have yours…no worries – we have some extras for you.


Love and Respect

Love and Respect class begins Sunday 10/15 at 4:00pm at CC Ryf Road. The class is geared for married or soon-to-be married folks. We’d love to see you and/or you and your ENTIRE Community Group. Childcare WILL be provided. REGISTER HERE!


JJ Heller in Concert at CC

We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with a ministry called Youth and Family Outreach to bring JJ Heller to Community Church Ryf Road next Friday, October 13th. Tickets are on sale now at THIS TICKET WEBSITE ONLY for $15. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door on the night of the concert for $20. Seating is General Admission. Get yours today!!


Haiti Mission Trip Fundraiser


The Haiti team is having a pizza sale to help fund our projects for the 2018 trip.  This sale is scheduled to take place through October 25th, with pizza pick-up in the Cafe at CC Ryf Road on October 29th. Your pizza options are: Cheese, Cheese and Pepperoni, or Cheese and Sausage. Pizzas are available for sale individually or in a bundle of 3 of the same kind.



Warming Shelter Supplies Needed

Day by Day Warming Shelter is in need of many supplies to start their season. They have asked us if we could ask folks to donate 33-gallon garbage bags. They go through a lot of them and it seems as though they are always running out. If you could donate some, please bring them to church. We will have a box designated for the donations.

Church App

Remember you can always keep up with what’s going on at your church via our App! If you’re not around Oshkosh, you can still listen or watch the sermons from the week – you can keep track of the News of the week – and you can give online. We hope you have a great Fall filled with fun and adventure!


Mission Calendars

You now have the opportunity to focus some of your prayers on Missionaries or Mission Groups that Community Church supports. Calendars have been posted on our website in the “Connect” “Missions” area. HERE IS A LINK TO THAT PAGE