News & Notes

Warming Shelter Supplies Needed

Day by Day Warming Shelter is in need of many supplies to start their season. They have asked us if we could ask folks to donate 33-gallon garbage bags. They go through a lot of them and it seems as though they are always running out. If you could donate some, please bring them to church. We will have a box designated for the donations.

Cafe Fundraiser for Hope Hill School

Bless A Family

Bless A Family Ministry is accepting applications for families that may need a little help this Christmas Season.  Bless A Family is a ministry of Community Church that helps families in our church body going through a financially difficult time during the Christmas Season.  If you know of a family or your family is in need, please complete and submit the attached form by November 5.  If you have any questions, please contact Kim Patterson. CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM


Church App

Remember you can always keep up with what’s going on at your church via our App! If you’re not around Oshkosh, you can still listen or watch the sermons from the week – you can keep track of the News of the week – and you can give online. We hope you have a great Fall filled with fun and adventure!


Mission Calendars

You now have the opportunity to focus some of your prayers on Missionaries or Mission Groups that Community Church supports. Calendars have been posted on our website in the “Connect” “Missions” area. HERE IS A LINK TO THAT PAGE