News & Notes

Easter Egg Hunt

Holy Week at Community Church

During this season of Lent, we as a community look to the life and teachings of Jesus. Take a reflective self-guided journey through the days leading up to His resurrection during “Stations of the Cross.”

City-Wide Good Friday Service

On Good Friday (3/30) there will be a city-wide church service held at Plymouth Church on South Park Ave. The service will be a “come when you can / leave when you must” format beginning at 12:30pm and ending at 2:30pm. Pastor Alan will be one of the featured speakers.


Guyana Mission Trip Fundraiser Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, SAUSAGE,  and delicious pastries!
This Sunday, March 25th in the cafe on Ryf Road, come enjoy our last fundraiser before we head south to help of the children in Guyana,South America .
Free will offering!


CSM Colorado Trip

Coming up in June – right when school gets out – Pastor Karl will be leading a group of students on a trip to Colorado. June sounds like a long ways away…but plans and deposits have to be made soon. HERE IS A LINK TO REGISTER YOUR STUDENT

Sunday there will be envelopes at both locations. These envelopes have a number on them. If you would like to support the Colorado trip for CSM this summer, grab an envelope – place a check or cash in it totaling AT LEAST the number on the front. For instance if you take the “25” envelope, please return it with at least $25 in it. If you write a check or write you name on the envelope with cash, we will credit your giving statement appropriately. You may also donate online. Just select the “CSM Donation” and fill in the rest of the payment information.
THANKS!! – Pastor Karl


Church App

Remember you can always keep up with what’s going on at your church via our App! If you’re not around Oshkosh, you can still listen or watch the sermons from the week – you can keep track of the News of the week – and you can give online. See you soon!


Mission Calendars

You now have the opportunity to focus some of your prayers on Missionaries or Mission Groups that Community Church supports. Calendars have been posted on our website in the “Connect” “Missions” area. HERE IS A LINK TO THAT PAGE


Thrivent Choice

Are you a member of Thrivent Financial who’s eligible to direct Choice Dollars?
Choice Dollars charitable outreach funds can make a world of difference to our church as we work together to be a community of faith bringing faith to the community. By directing Choice Dollars, eligible Thrivent members recommend where they feel Thrivent should distribute a portion of its charitable funds. Directing Choice Dollars is easy. Simply go to to learn more and find program terms and conditions. Or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice®” after the prompt.


Leaving a Legacy

Have you ever thought of including Community Church in your will? Setting up a deferred gift is a great way to leave a legacy. What a great thought to think that a gift you leave for the church, of any size, might be able to help Community Church carry on ministry for generations to come. If you have any questions, contact Wayne Meier in the church office – or consult your attorney or financial counselor.