Our Story

Starting in 1985, Community Church first opened its doors at the YMCA in downtown Oshkosh.  Founded by Steve and Lynne Johnson, the church became a safe space for people with questions about faith to explore Christianity in community.  As the church grew, it moved first to a building on Jackson St. for 10 years before building a new facility on Ryf Rd.

The new building hosted its first church gathering on November 12, 2000.  Since then, God has continued to do incredible work in, through, and around Community Church. As Community Church continues into the next season of life here in the Oshkosh area, it finds itself moving back into the city of its birth. In September of 2013, Community Church multiplied as it continued to gather on Ryf Rd., it also gathers downtown Oshkosh at the Grand Opera House as Community Church – New City.

Passionate about being a community of faith, bringing faith to the community, Community Church identifies itself in God’s restorative plan of making disciples of all nations. One church in two locations, following Jesus together.