Ask people, “Who is Jesus?” and you will get opinions that range from a tragic, historical figure to a teacher who spoke of love.  That is not surprising.  Jesus one time asked his disciples a similar question and received similar answers.  He then asked his followers, “Who do you say that I am?”  Jesus knew the answer and wanted his followers to not only say what they thought but live it out in action.

Jesus took responsibility for what wasn’t his fault. He took responsibility for our sin, our mess, our failures.  The Bible calls this message the gospel. The heart of the gospel is that Jesus, the Son of God, did for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves, and exchanged His life for ours.
The sweet part of the gospel is that Jesus doesn’t make people better; He makes people new.  In Revelation 21 Jesus makes this declaration from his throne in heaven, “Behold, I make all things new.”  We invite you to learn more about this one who makes all things new.
As a community we are constantly exploring what Jesus said about himself because how we answer that question shapes how we live.  We invite you to join us in this journey.   If you have any questions, thoughts, or just want to talk it through, we’d love to grab a coffee and have a conversation.  

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