Sunday Worship at New City

Checking out a church for the first time can be a daunting and intimidating process.  There are so many traditions and norms that you walk into, many may be familiar but some might be foreign.  Well this page is a basic run down of what you can expect (and what is expected of you) from Community Church.

At Community Church…we aim to be a people of faith on mission, bringing faith to our communities.  This might sound like a nice and contained mission statement, but it truly is our heart and foundation.  As a church, as a group of followers of Jesus, we try our best to love what Jesus loved…and spend our time like He did.  With that said, try to balance our time in worship to God, growing as a community, and being sent out in our everyday life.

What You Can Expect

Every weekend we gather as a church to worship, remember, offer, and learn together.  We generally sing 4-5 songs that help us focus our hearts and minds towards who God is, what God has done,  and what God promises to do.  The music is lead by teams of people from the church.  Stylistically, the music ranges from contemporized classic hymns to progressive modern songs, even throwing in an original song or two.  Dynamically, as we try to help create environments that lead people to experience God in new and different ways, sound levels in the room can fluctuate.  If you are sensitive to loud music, you might want to find a chair further back in the room.

After the music, we usually transition into a time of offering.  At Community Church we give because we have been given.  We believe that God has given us so much, and our response to that, is that we hold all we have with open hands.  Offering includes financial giving, but also includes our time and talents.   Check out the GIVE tab on the top of the page to learn more about what you can offer the church.

The service then moves into a time of teaching from one of the pastors.  Teaching at Community Church is observed as a vital part of spiritual growth for the church.  The teaching style flows conversationally with a Biblical and systematic focus on theology.  The Bible is always used, and Jesus is always made known.  Teaching usually ranges from 30 – 40 minutes and tries to wrap up with a challenge and refocus on the Gospel of Jesus.

On the first weekend of the month, we also practice communion as a church.  Followers of Jesus are invited into the practice that Jesus first introduced to his disciples over 2000 years ago.  We break bread, and pour juice in remembrance of the sacrifice Jesus made.  Anyone that has faith in Jesus is welcome to participate in communion.