Harry  & Jenny Van Burik

Harry & Jenny VanBurik serve with Cherith International.  Cherith International was established with the purposes to encourage pastors serving small congregations in impoverished areas, and to show the love of Jesus to people in need of different ethnic groups and religious backgrounds.

Cherith International

In 2006, in response to the Lord's calling the mission organization 'Cherith International' was established with the purposes to encourage pastors serving small congregations in impoverished areas, and to show the love of Jesus to people in need of different ethnic groups and religious backgrounds. Cherith's main focus in Sri Lanka and Myanmar is to equip local pastors with resources to reach out to the needy in Buddhist, Hindus, and Muslim dominant areas, while in the USA Cherith's approach is to show the love of Jesus by reaching out to refugees and low-income families.

What we do

By stepping out in faith, we have experienced how the Lord unfolded His plans and purposes step-by-step. However, we never expected that the ministry would expand to other countries. Currently, Cherith International is serving in Sri Lanka, USA and Myanmar. The programs in Sri Lanka and Myanmar are identified and carried out by pastoral couples who are partnering with Cherith International on a voluntary basis. Most of the programs of Cherith are small scale and focuses on less privileged and vulnerable people. Cherith’s programs enable pastors to build bridges while getting the recognition in local communities. In predominant Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim areas, Christians are often treated with suspicion and hostility but by reaching out to them with programs based on their real needs, doors have opened for pastors to establish their presence.

In 2015, the Lord directed us to establish the Cherith Clothing & Resource Center to show the love of Jesus to those in need in the Oshkosh area. The Cherith Clothing & Resource Center provides free clothing and basic necessities to refugees, immigrants and low-income families. The clothing center is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. The clients are referred through social organizations, churches, school district counselors, and government agencies. Since clients are met by appointment, the team is able to spend time with them and assess any other needs they might have. There are often opportunities to talk about the Lord, pray for people, give out Bibles, direct them to a church, and/or visit them at home as a follow up.


Prayer Requests


God’s work is not hindered by circumstances like the Covid-19 outbreak, it actually created new opportunities for Cherith's ministry. In this context, one of the pastors we are partnering with in Sri Lanka wrote recently: "God is our helper, and we are privileged to do His work especially in the current circumstances. Thanks to the support we receive from Cherith International, we are able to bring hope to the community. The Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped us, because the work of the Lord continues!" During the Covid-19 outbreak the Cherith Clothing & Resource Center in Oshkosh was able to partner with area food pantries at large, thus providing opportunities to serve the community with food items in two different locations. In addition to resource centers for pastors and their families in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, the Cherith Mission Closet was recently launched in Oshkosh. Cherith is able to provide brand-new household items to pastors, church planters, missionaries and others in His service. A few pastor’s families have already received items and they rejoiced in the Lord’s provisions.


God's protection, guidance, wisdom and inspiration for all those involved in Cherith’s ministry.

Pray that many people will hear the Good News through the work of Cherith International in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the USA.

Lift up the pastors in Myanmar after the recent military coup. There are killings, kidnappings and other brutalities going on.

Pray that the Lord will give the pastors protection and wisdom when they minister to people in these challenging circumstances.

How Can We Help?

In order to reach out to the needy for their physical needs and to equip pastors with resources, the generosity of His children is much appreciated. Since Cherith is solely operated in all three countries through volunteers, there are no overhead charges, therefore 100% of your donation goes to its designated purpose. Donations to Cherith International are tax deductible.
Checks could be made payable to: Cherith International, Inc. 609 South Westfield Street Oshkosh, WI 54902 Or online at: www.cherithintl.org/donate.

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