Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

The unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ is the same Good News to be shared with all people!

Missions is about God’s people, the Church, giving away the Good News to people who need to hear the message and see it lived out in action.  We strive to accomplish this by sending people out from Community Church to our local neighborhoods as well as across the oceans.  We also join with others in strategic partnerships to do what Jesus called his followers to do in making disciples.

Missionary Spotlight

This month we would like to highlight the ministry of World Relief.  Refugees and immigrant face unrest, conflict and instability. They flee their homes in order to find safety, security and a stable future for their families. World Relief works with these folks to ensure that they are thriving and integrated.

Active Missionaries & Mission Partnerships

Converge Great Lakes / Converge CGL Core Ministries

East Central LEAD Team Support
GLBC Core Ministries - Church Planting Support
Carol Foral
Steve Bialy 
Converge Core Ministries
Bob & Carol Marsh

Campus Ministries

CRU-UWO Campus
Sandhya Oaks 
Kyle & Carolyn Coleman 
Liz & Luis Pomares

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Andy & Megan Thoman
IVCF General Ministry

Global Missions

Cherith International 
Harry & Jenny VanBurik

Expeditions Unlimited
Zach & Kyrsten Campbell 

Josiah Venture 
Elliott Phillips
Natalia Starkowska 

Iglesia Evangelica Hispanoamericana
Marrenni Duboy

Tom & Tanya Clyde

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Doug & Bernie Campbell

Commission to Every Nation
Jaci Grooters 

Local Missions

Bella Medical Clinic

World Relief of the Fox Valley

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