Harry & Jenny Van Burik


Harry & Jenny are founders of Cherith International. Cherith is helping people in Sri Lanka , Myanmar, and the USA.

Cherith International

Harry & Jenny van Burik, are the founders of Cherith International. In 2005, the Lord called them to start a new ministry, which is called Cherith based on 1 Kings 17:3. In 2006, they moved to Sri Lanka to start Cherith's ministry and since then the work has expanded to Myanmar and the USA. Cherith International is incorporated in the State of Wisconsin as a 501(c)3 charitable organization since 2006.

What we do

The mission of Cherith International is two-fold:
  1. To encourage and come alongside pastors serving small congregations in rural areas and often challenging circumstances.
2) To show the love of Jesus to less privileged people in tangible ways.
Cherith’s programs are identified and carried out by pastors who are volunteering as Cherith’s Regional Coordinators. Most of the programs are small scale and focuses on less privileged and vulnerable people. Cherith’s programs enable pastors to build bridges while getting the recognition in local communities. In predominant Buddhist and Hindu areas, the evangelical Christians are often treated with suspicion and hostility but by reaching out to them with programs based on their real needs, doors have opened for pastors to establish their presence.




  • One of the Regional Coordinators in Sri Lanka stated in a letter the impact of Cherith’s programs, “We were able to help the community as a church while earning their appreciation and through this work we could to share the gospel and show the love of Jesus to the people.”
  • In Myanmar, a pastor and students from his Missionary School have been reaching out to a remote animistic community in the jungles of the Shan State with funds from Cherith International. Their work is bearing fruit and the pastor wrote that 25 people have been baptized and a demon possessed woman was set free in the name of Jesus.
  • Cherith Clothing & Resource Center in Oshkosh has been helping people of more than 25 nationalities since 2015. The team of dedicated volunteers is serving them by showing the love of Jesus in word and deed. One of the families told a social worker recently that they are very grateful for all the things they received but above all that they experienced love.


Please pray that more and more people will be reached with the love of Jesus through Cherith’s ministry in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the USA.

How Can We Help?

Cherith Clothing & Resource Center helps needy people through referrals by World Relief, social agencies, school district counselors, Oshkosh Police Department, churches, and various Winnebago County Departments by providing them with quality clothing and essential apparel.
People can donate socks and undergarments in packaging or gift cards to purchase shoes and needed items at the following stores: Walmart, Ross for Less, T.J.Maxx, and/or Old Navy.